Arctic tern coloring pages

Arctic Tern Coloring Pages Have Landed!


Ahoy mateys! Daisy the illustrator here with my latest summer coloring pages – arctic terns! These beautiful seabirds migrate every year from pole to pole, across oceans and continents. Now you can bring their epic journeys to life through coloring. Let’s dive in!

About the Arctic Tern

The arctic tern is a medium-sized seabird with a forked tail and short legs. They have grey and white plumage on their heads, wings, tails, and bellies. Their sharp orange beaks match their bright red feet.

Arctic terns are champion migrants that breed in the arctic summer, then fly alllll the way down to Antarctica for our winter! They travel further than any other bird.

These endurance flyers ride ocean winds as they migrate and eat lots of fish and tiny marine creatures. Skuas and gulls often try to steal the terns’ food, so they are very protective of their nests.

Polar Tern Scenes

My polar tern coloring pages focus on the birds during their arctic summer. You’ll see them diving for fish, building nests, and soaring over icy oceans.

The white space is perfect for capturing the midnight sun and cool blues of northern summers. Try out your favorite arctic colors and textures. Add some fish, waves, or snowy mountains in the background!

Seabird Details

Pay attention to details when coloring the terns’ wings, beaks, tails, and feet. Use grey, black, white, and orange pencils to get the plumage just right. Try wet-on-wet watercolors to mimic ocean waves. Add life to beady eyes with a black pen.

For shiny beaks and feet, break out metallic pens or glitter glue! There are so many artistic ways to capture their seabird features.

Get Creative!

Take the arctic tern coloring pages in your own creative direction too! Design travel stamps on their wings from lands along their migration route. Use real feathers or fabric to collage migration journal pages. The sky’s the limit!

Color Your Own Arctic World

I hope you enjoy bringing the epic journeys of the arctic tern to life! Grab your favorite art supplies and let your inner explorer soar. Let me know if you’d like to see more migratory bird coloring pages!

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