Fun in the Sun: Summer Coloring Pages


Summer Coloring Pages are filled with fun in the sun and activities for everyone. Get ready for beach days and summer barbecues with these bright, cheery themes.

Backyard barbecues sizzling up hotdogs and hamburgers are summertime staples. Bring the fun to life with Barbecue Coloring Pages featuring grill masters flipping patties while kids play lawn games in the sunshine. Of course you need pages devoted to Beach Coloring Pages and all the seaside fun. Build giant Sandcastle Coloring Pages, hunt for Seashell Coloring Pages, and dive through waves with a Snorkeling Coloring Pages character.

The hot summer sun provides endless coloring inspiration. Add a smiling Sun Coloring Pages wearing sunglasses and beaming down on beach goers waving from beach blankets and chairs. Keep kids protected from the rays with Sun Hat Coloring Pages, Parasol Coloring Pages and Sunglasses Coloring Pages. Don’t forget the Sunscreen Coloring Pages!

Capture the beauty of summer sunsets with a richly hued Sunset Coloring Pages. Use pinks, oranges, purples and blues while coloring palm trees silhouetted against the sinking sun. Summertime fruit provides refreshing themes for coloring pages. Kids will love coloring juicy watermelon slices and strawberries on a Picnic Coloring Pages blanket. Or show someone sipping icy cold Lemonade Coloring Pages.

The beach offers endless coloring pages possibilities. Illustrate someone surfing an ocean wave on a Surfboard Coloring Pages. Or build an elaborate Sandcastle Coloring Pages with turrets, bridges, moats and more for kids to embellish. Get out on the open ocean with a Boat Coloring Pages, Yacht Coloring Pages or even Submarine Coloring Pages ready for coloring. Add playful Dolphins Coloring Pages and Whales Coloring Pages too.

Nothing says summer like Swimming Coloring Pages at the Pool Coloring Pages, lake or beach. Let kids color swimmers doing cannonballs or lounging on brightly colored pool floats. Include games like Volleyball Coloring Pages, Tennis Coloring Pages and Frisbee Coloring Pages to round out summer activities. Don’t forget the Flip Flops Coloring Pages and beach balls too!

Camping Coloring Pages in the woods capture the spirit of summer adventure perfectly. Tents, trails, roasting marshmallows by a fire, and sights like deer and raccoons give you lots of options. Celebrate the 4th of July with Fireworks Coloring Pages exploding in starbursts across the night sky. Use red, white and blue for a patriotic theme. Keep the summer vibes going strong with pages devoted to Palm Trees Coloring Pages, Starfish Coloring Pages, Seashell Coloring Pages and Tropical Fish Coloring Pages too.

With pages devoted to beaches, summer foods, ocean adventures and more, kids will love diving into summer coloring any time of year!

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Charcoal Charmed Cooking


Sand Dunes and Sunsets


Sunny Day of Exploration


Cozy Campfire Glow


Colorful Bursting Fireworks


Colorful Beach Footwear


Vibrant Disc Excitement


Sweet Summer Treat


Zesty Lemonade


Dreamy Palm Coast

Palm tree

Whimsical Parasol Design


Sunny Picnic in the Park


Playful Pool Time with Friends


Icy Cool Popsicle Palette


Majestic Sandcastle Kingdom


Intricate Seashell Pattern


Playful Snorkeling Friends


Vibrant Starfish Beauty


Lively Sunshine Glow


Vibrant Sunflower Blooms

Sun hat

Lovely Sunflower Wonder


Stylish Sunglasses Chic


Tranquil Sunset Serenity


Vibrant Surfboard Adventure


Energetic Swimming Fun


Energetic Tennis Match


Colorful Tropical Fish

Tropical fish

Vibrant Umbrella Patterns


Dynamic Volleyball Action


Spirited Beach Volleyball


Whirling Wooden Windmill


Elegant Luxury Yacht


Gleaming Yellow Submarine