Yummy Cookie Coloring Pages for Kids


Hi friends! My name is Daisy and I’m so excited to share some delicious cookie coloring pages with you today. As an illustrator who loves sweets, cookies are one of my favorite treats to draw.

Let’s dive into some tips for making cute, mouthwatering cookie art! Grab your crayons and let’s get creative.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Coloring Pages

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic that kids love. When illustrating them, I start with an oval outline for the cookie base. Then I add little circles and dots in brown and dark yellow for the chocolate chips.

Don’t be afraid to layer different shades of brown and yellow to make some chips look buried while others pop out. Outlining the chips in black helps them stand out too. And who can resist adding a melted chocolate swoosh or two? So yummy!

Chocolate Cookie Coloring Pages

For deep, dark chocolate cookies, I love using intense browns and blacks. Keep your crayon strokes short and choppy to mimic little cocoa crumbs in the dough.

Adding cracks and crevices with black gives a fudgy, gooey look. Metallic bronze and gold also imitate melty, ooey-gooey chocolate morsels. Use bright reds, greens or other colors for fun decorative frosting.

Oreo Cookie Coloring Pages

When illustrating Oreos, start with a black circle for the base cookie. Then stack two smaller white circles on top for the creme filling.

You can also draw Oreos apart, with a black cookie on one side and white cream on the other. Don’t forget those deliciously dark cocoa cookie crumbs! Outline some falling off for a yummy, messy look. Find the best Oreo Cookie Coloring Pages

Frost Up Some Cookie Masterpieces!

I hope these tips inspire you to bake up some artistic cookie coloring pages! Please share your drawings with me, I’d love to see your tasty creations.

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