Gingerbread house

Build Sweet Creativity with Gingerbread House Coloring Pages


What’s more iconic for the holidays than a decorative gingerbread house? With candy decorations and frosting galore, it’s a sweet treat that also makes for festive coloring.

Provide pages of basic gingerbread houses ready for embellishment with gumdrops, licorice, M&Ms, crushed candy canes and more. Kids can let imaginations run wild frosting and decorating cookie walls and roofs.

Consider fun themes for gingerbread houses like Santa’s workshop with a marshmallow snowman outside or a Halloween haunt with chocolate spiderwebs. Show characters like carolers or elves interacting with the edible structures.

Depict different styles from stately Victorian gingerbread houses with frosted snowdrifts to quaint cottages with Hershey’s Kiss shingles on the roof. Or go modern with apartment buildings for gingerbread families.

No matter the design, part of the fun of gingerbread houses is customizing every delicious detail. With coloring pages, kids can create their dream gingerbread house masterpiece that looks good enough to eat!

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