Pucker Up for Mistletoe Coloring Pages


No holiday decoration brings people together quite like a sprig of mistletoe. When standing underneath one, you just may get a kiss! Capture this playful tradition with fun Mistletoe coloring pages.

Start by outlining basic mistletoe bunches with white berries ready for coloring. Show them hung in doorways, over arches, above staircases, and other high traffic areas.

Depict sweet scenes of couples, friends, and families sharing a mistletoe kiss under these holiday greens. Set the background with Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings, and other festive decor.

For humor, show unlikely pairs about to smooch like dogs, elves, or kids making silly faces. A group gathered expectantly under the mistletoe also elicits giggles.

However you set the scene, a bit of mistletoe gets everyone into the celebratory spirit. As kids color in this festive plant, they’ll dream up their own funny and heartwarming mistletoe moments.

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