Get Paint Some Ptarmigan Coloring Pages!


Why hello there art pals! Daisy here with an exciting new coloring page project – ptarmigans! These chubby arctic birds are masters of winter camouflage. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so special.

About the Ptarmigan

The ptarmigan is a plump bird that lives in the snowy northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. They have fluffy feathered feet that act like snowshoes and help them walk on snow.

Ptarmigans are amazing because their plumage changes colors with the seasons! In winter, they turn completely white to blend into the snow. Then in spring through fall, their feathers become mottled brown and black for forest camo.

These birds spend winters burrowing into snowdrifts to stay warm and survive harsh arctic winds. Tough and adaptable, ptarmigans thrive in the harshest environments.

Arctic Bird Coloring Pages

For my arctic bird coloring pages, you’ll get to show off the ptarmigans’ bright white winter feathers. I drew them playing in the snow, perched in pine trees, and snuggled into fluffy nests.

Use crisp whites, snowy blues, and silvery greys to capture that winter magic. Add extra dimension with glitter glue, faux fur, cotton balls, or fabric scraps to recreate their insulating snowy world.

Cold Weather Bird Coloring Pages

When coloring ptarmigans, pay special attention to their unique attributes like fluffy feathered feet, chunky bodies, short tails, and crimson red eye rings.

Use frosty colored pencils, paint pens, or chalk to bring out lifelike textures and details. Get creative with snowflake and snowdrift designs in the background too!

Stay Cozy and Color On!

I hope you love bundling up with my ptarmigan coloring pages this winter! Use your most arctic art supplies and let your creativity take flight. Bye for now, happy coloring friends!

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