Create Some Frosty Fun with Icicles Coloring Pages


Long, glistening icicles dangling from the eaves are a magical sign of winter’s arrival. Capture the simple beauty of these frozen formations with delightful Icicles coloring pages.

Start by outlining individual icicles in various shapes and sizes ready for kids to embellish with frosty colors. Add icy details like snowflake etchings and droplets frozen along the lengths. Extend some down for exaggerated lengths.

Depict icicles framing winter scenes like a snowman in a yard or squirrel scampering up a tree. Show them adorning snow-covered cabins, Arctic caves, and evergreen trees. Glitter pens add icy shine.

Backlit icicles create rainbow prisms to color. Position them on windowsills or porches where sunlight streaming through casts colorful patterns on the snow below.

However you depict them, shimmery Icicles coloring pages conjure up the magical essence of winter. As kids add their own creative details, they’ll appreciate the simple beauty of these frosty formations.

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