Jingle bells

Dash Through the Snow with Jingle Bells Coloring Pages


The sound of jingle bells brings festive cheer every holiday season. Their merry jingling sets the soundtrack for winter fun. Capture their magical ring with delightful Jingle Bells coloring pages.

Start by letting kids color basic golden jingle bells of all sizes. Add red ribbons and bows for hanging or consider creative shapes like bells on a wreath, Christmas tree, or reindeer antlers.

Depict jingle bells in action during favorite winter activities. Show them on a dog collar for pups bounding in the snow, attached to kids’ sleds dashing downhill, or shaken by carolers spreading holiday joy.

For imaginative play, illustrate jingle bells spelling kids’ names in peppermint red and white. Have them frame other winter favorites like snowmen, stockings and sleigh rides.

However they take shape, jingle bells offer merry design possibilities. As kids color them in, they’ll feel the holiday magic that happens every time these cheerful bells ring!

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