Ermine coloring pages

Peek Inside My New Ermine Coloring Pages!


Well hi again, coloring pals! Daisy the illustrator here. Today I want to share my brand new ermine coloring pages with you all! Ermine, also known as stoats, are those adorable weasels that turn white in winter. Let’s take a look!

About the Clever Ermine

The ermine, or short-tailed weasel, is a small fierce hunter with chestnut brown fur that changes to pure white in the winter. This helps them blend into the snow to sneak up on prey.

These little carnivores eat small rodents, birds, frogs, and insects. They are courageous fighters who can even take down animals bigger than themselves!

Ermine are found across northern forests and tundras. Their long, slinky bodies are made for bounding through burrows and dashing over the snow.

Stoat Coloring Pages

My stoat coloring pages highlight these feisty mustelids in their snow-white winter coat. I drew them peeking out of log dens, scampering through snow, and peeking up curiously.

The white space allows you to get creative with arctic-inspired backgrounds. Use powder blues, lavenders, and minty greens to create a frosty winter wonderland. Add textures like snowflakes, fur trim, or glitter to make the pages sparkle!

White Weasel Coloring Pages

For the white weasel coloring pages, focus on adding life and personality to the ermines’ sweet little faces. Give them perky ears, shiny black eyes, and inquisitive expressions.

Try different coloring techniques like crosshatching, stippling, and scumbling to make their fur ultra luxe. Soft white and silver metallic pens would look amazing too!

Scientific Names Pages

I also included some pages framed with the scientific name “Mustelidae” to highlight the ermine’s animal family. Use them to practice fancy fonts, lettering styles, and decorative borders. Make it your own winter-themed illustration!

Stay Cozy and Color On!

I hope you adore my new ermine coloring pages! Grab some fuzzy blankets, hot cocoa, and your favorite snowy art supplies. Let me know if you want to see more cute critters from the north turned into coloring pages! Til next time!

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