Muskoxen Coloring Pages!


Howdy friends! Daisy here with a brand new coloring page project – muskoxen! These shaggy beasts roam the far north tundra. Now you can bring them to life with your own creative colors.

All About the Muskox

The muskox is a stocky, hoofed mammal well adapted to survive frigid arctic regions. They have extremely thick, long fur that almost reaches the ground! This “qiviut” keeps them warm even in -100 degree temperatures.

Under all that hair, muskoxen have a dense wooly undercoat that can be spun into luxurious yarn. These tough animals conserve heat with their compact bodies, short legs, and small ears.

Muskoxen live in herds for protection from predators like wolves and bears. The males aggressively guard the group with their huge, curved horns.

Get Ready to Color Some Woolly Animals!

My woolly animal coloring pages show muskoxen traipsing across frozen tundra plains and huddling together to stay warm. You’ll get to color in their long, dangling fur and stout, sturdy bodies.

For their shaggy coats use blacks, browns, creams, and whites. Try dry brushing, dabbing, and fur-like textures. Add wintry blue shadows and snowy highlights.

Horned Mammal Coloring Fun

On the horned animal coloring pages, I focused on muskox bulls showing off their giant curved horns. Their horns can grow over 2 feet long!

Use sharpies, paint pens, or foil to make the horns glossy and black. Texture the fur collars around their faces for extra realism. Give them bold, protective expressions as they guard the herd.

Get Creative with Shaggy Beasts!

I hope you have as much fun coloring my muskoxen as I did designing them! Use your most frigid art supplies to capture the feeling of the far north. Stay warm and happy coloring!

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Let me know if you want to see more icy tundra animals turned into coloring pages. Bye for now!

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