Get Ready For Some Lemmings Coloring Pages!


Howdy friends! It’s me again, Daisy the coloring book illustrator. I’m so excited to share my new lemming coloring pages with you all! These small furry rodents are iconic tundra animals.

About the Industrious Lemming

Lemmings are adorable little rodents with fluffy fur and short tails. They live in cold northern regions of Europe, Asia, and North America.

Lemmings are very social and live in large colonies underground where they are protected from harsh arctic weather. They create elaborate tunnel systems and even have separate rooms for nurseries and food storage!

These busy critters gather grasses, mosses, and berries for food and line their nests with soft plant fluff. Though small, lemmings are hardworking and brave.

Small Animal Coloring Pages!

My small animal coloring pages show lemmings scurrying around, munching on plants, and snuggling up in their underground burrows.

I left plenty of white space for you to illustrate the lemmings’ snowy tundra homes with icy blues, purples, and frosty textures. Make it sparkle with glitter glue!

When coloring the lemmings, use browns, tans, whites, and grays to capture their soft, lush winter fur. Give them bright little eyes and cute round faces.

Furry and Fabulous!

For the furry animal coloring pages, have fun showing off the lemmings’ fabulous fluffy fur! Use different techniques like crosshatching, dots, zigzags, and scribbles to make their coats extra dimensional.

Try dry brushing with paint over crayon for cool layered effects. Add shiny mica powder for an extra wintry shimmer. However you color them, bring out the lemmings’ adorable fluffiness!

Get Creative with Lemmings!

I hope you love coloring these busy little tundra rodents as much as I enjoyed designing them! Use your most arctic-inspired art supplies and let your creativity run wild. 

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Stay warm and happy coloring my lemming friends!

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